Jeff Fitzmayer—Founder, Owner, Principal

Jeff Fitzmayer is the primary owner and principal of Semper Environmental.  His 20 years of professional environmental experience began in 1999 with a large multi-national engineering and environmental company.  In 2017 he created Semper Environmental, bringing with him years of experience including being the lead environmental investigator, technical author, and project manager for numerous environmental projects, both large and small.  Many of these complex environmental projects covered all phases of both the RCRA and CERCLA processes.  Key roles and responsibilities included investigations and remediations of sites with soil, soil vapor, and groundwater contamination issues along with munitions response sites with hazards related to munitions and explosives of concern (MEC).  The RCRA Facility Investigations that Jeff managed ranged in size and scope and included large and complex sites contaminated with chemical warfare agents (CWA).  He successfully managed munitions response projects from the early Site Inspection phases all the way through Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Remedial Design/Remedial Action stages. He has been the primary author of numerous technical reports covering a wide range of environmental contamination issues. These documents included planning and writing hydrogeological and groundwater contamination assessments and long-term groundwater monitoring plans for multiple DoD facilities in Utah. All of these projects were characterized by high degrees of safety, professionalism, and a strong adherence to budget and schedule.  Jeff has an excellent record of being a technical expert for soil/groundwater contamination issues and for munitions response (MMRP) operations and planning.  This includes a foreign assignment in Libya to plan and lead an on-site environmental site assessment at a remote military installation where the US State Department was assisting in the demilitarization of Libyan chemical weapons.

Mr. Fitzmayer is a registered professional geologist (PG) and holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Geology.  He is certified for completion of the US Army Corps of Engineers and Navy Facility Engineering Command course on Construction Quality Management for Contractors and he is a State of Utah certified UST Groundwater and Soil Sampler.

Matt Stolberg.jpg

Matthew Stolberg—Manager, Financial Analyst, Accounting

Matthew is the CFO for Semper Environmental with over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting.  His undergraduate degree comes from the University of Minnesota, Carlson School of Management and he holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Webster University.  Matthew has a strong background in data analytics as evidenced by his ability to create, extract and manage data from core financial systems to support audit and banking operations.  He has also developed and maintained standard management reporting for credit and risk operations to meet Federal Reserve Bank requirements for assets totaling over $120B.  Additionally, his strong communication skills coupled with his knowledge of the financial industry, have enabled him to act as a liaison between outside regulatory agencies and internal clients to ensure complete and accurate data and financial reporting.  Matthew is conscientious, industrious and dedicated to Semper’s clients and their success.

Diane Lane1.jpg

Diane Lane—Geologist, Quality Control, Technical Writing

Diane brings over 30 years of experience designing and executing field operations to characterize and remediate complex environmental sites with hazardous, radioactive, explosive, and/or chemical and biological warfare agent waste. Diane hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Geology and is a licenensed professional geologist. Specific areas of expertise include hydrogeology, munitions response, and technical writing. Her previous role with a large multi-national engineering firm as Technical Lead on large RCRA, CERCLA, and MMRP projects for Army and National Guard clients included working closely with state and federal regulators to resolve comments and obtain approval to close sites. Diane brings extensive technical writing experience, providing project-wide oversight and review of documents and other deliverables and developing project-specific style guides .

Paige Walton.jpg

Paige Walton—Geologist, Risk Assessor

Paige Walton is the Semper team lead for environmental risk assessments (ecological and human health) and waste management. Paige has a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology and has completed graduate level coursework in Environmental Science and Engineering. She is a licensed professional geologist and a Certified Hazardous Waste Manager. With over 25 years of direct experience providing RCRA and CERCLA support to federal and state agencies and the private sector, she is instrumental in the planning and execution of all sizes and complexities of environmental projects. As senior risk assessor, she performs screening level and site-specific assessments (human health and ecological). She also provides technical risk assessment support in developing and revising/updating state and facility-specific risk assessment guidance. Paige has years of experience with DoD and other corrective action programs (RFI, CMS, and CMI) and remedial investigation (RI, FS, RA) and provides field oversight and leads communications between the state, contractors, and other government agencies. She is well-versed in waste determinations and disposal of hazardous waste.

Heidi Simper.jpg

Heidi Simper—Botany, GIS

Heidi is the Semper Environmental team lead for botany and geographic information systems (GIS) support. Heidi brings over 10 years of experience in plant biology related fields. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Botany (w/ minor in GIS) and a Master of Science degree in Ethnobotany. Heidi is experienced in plant identification, biological field sampling and monitoring, ethnobotany, GIS mapping, and related data analytics. She is an experienced field biologist and field team manager that has led and conducted numerous qualitative and quantitative plant and habitat surveys. These included baseline plant surveys as well as surveys for noxious weeds and rare/endangered/sensitive species. Her field experience spans most of the American West with field projects performed in Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and New Mexico. Heidi is currently the Assistant Plant Curator at Red Butte Garden at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. Heidi is also committed to educational and community outreach through volunteer work with numerous nature and botany related organizations in Utah, and she is a Utah Certified Environmental Educator.

Tammy Chang1.jpg

Tammy Chang—Chemistry, Laboratory Oversight, Data Validation

The chemistry and analytical laboratory oversight technical lead for Semper Environmental is Tammy Chang. Tammy is a renowned chemist with over 25 years of experience managing analytical chemistry quality control for DoD and US Army Corps of Engineers projects. Tammy holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in Chemistry and was formerly the DoD Program Chemist for a large multi-national environmental and engineering firm. She has extensive experience in developing and reviewing Unified Federal Policy Quality Assurance Project Plans (UFP-QAPPs) and Sampling and Analysis Plans. She is proficient in establishing project Data Quality Objectives (DQOs), performing laboratory audits, reviewing daily data quality control reports, conducting analytical data validation, and identifying and resolving laboratory non-conformances.

Wayne Martrildonno.jpg

Wayne Martrildonno—Munitions Response and UXO Operations

Wayne Martrildonno is the owner of Waynemar Consulting and the Semper Environmental team lead for MMRP and UXO-related operations and projects. Wayne served 16 years as a US Air Force EOD Technician then transitioned to the UXO industry serving in field and management positions. He has spent over 25 years in the munitions response UXO field. His knowledge and experience include designing, planning, executing and reporting on MEC investigations and removals. This includes using Visual Sample Plan and line of evidence methods. Wayne is experienced in the production of MMRP-related explosives safety submissions, work plans, UFP-QAPPs, reports and Accident Prevention Plans that cover DoD, state and federal requirements. He is experienced in siting explosives storage facilities, writing explosives transportation plans and creating state-approved explosives licensing training. Wayne is certified in Construction Quality Management for the US Army Corps of Engineers and Navy Facility Engineering Command course on Construction Quality Management for Contractors and conducts 3rd party quality audits for government and commercial clients. He works with the National Organization of Ordnance Contractors (NAOC) Operations and Standards Committee.